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Sign with the highest security level – with e-Sign Agent

Your situation

Printing, signing, scanning, saving or forwarding of a document - do these activities sound familiar to you? Countless documents are processed in this way every day in many different company business processes.


With the e-Sign Agent, we provide you with a simple client application (desktop and mobile) with which you can sign individual PDF documents quickly and effortlessly with a signature method of your choice. This is regardless of where the documents are generated or stored.

Sign directly from the application

With the e-Sign Agent it is possible to open individual PDF documents from any business application or directly from the file system. Sign them biometrically with the Sign Pad and archive them out of the e-Sign Agent. The traditional handwritten signature can completely be replaced by an electronic one.

The e-Sign Agent can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and its simple interface and handling makes daily work considerably easier.

Integration with SAP is made possible through a specialized E-Sign Agent SAP-Add-on. Our solution is fully customizable, and supports any legacy systems with a Web Service Interface.

Any security level of certificates possible

Depending on the legal requirements of your business process it is possible to choose the best fitting signing method - biometrical signature on a Sign Pad (handwritten), software certificates (advanced signature saved in Windows Keystore), qualified signature either on Smart Card or processed via mobile device.

e-Sign Agent RKSV for the cash register in Austria

Our product e-Sign Agent RKSV fully complies with the legal requirements of the cash register for a compliant activation of RKSV smart cards.

Your added value

  • Simple application for signing individual PDF documents
  • Different signature methods can be combined flexibly
  • Direct control of the application from your backend system
  • Seamless integration into your SAP processes via separate SAP Add-On
  • Flexible interfaces with individual extension options
  • Quick implementation
  • 10 years in practice


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