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e-Sign 4 – the state-of-the-art signature platform

Your Situation

You would like to sign, verify or encrypt a large number of documents automatically via batch processing? Would you like to have your systems covered with integration of SAP ERP, S/4HANA or other ERP backend-systems? Then e-Sign 4 is the right choice of product for you.


Whether or not there are incoming or outgoing invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, order confirmations, etc. - sign those documents (PDF,XML) with e-Sign 4 electronically using different signature methods. Therefore the signature process can be seamlessly integrated into processes that concern backend systems such as SAP, Microsoft, etc.

So you can garantuee your customers that the documents were created by you and that the content of the documents have not been manipulated by third parties whilst transmitting them (via E-mail e.g.).

An unfortunate but very common scenario is the modification of the IBAN codes in an invoice document that has been transferred in an unsigned state. The document is intercepted, the IBAN gets changed and your money ends up somewhere else.

Overview of functions and features

  • Sign, verify or encrypt PDF/XML documents
  • Own, ready-to-use e-Sign 4 SAP ERP / S/4HANA add-on
  • Monitoring of the process steps directly within the familiar SAP environment
  • e-Sign 4 site tools (interfaces): connection with mail systems, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and other systems
  • e-Sign 4 Client: optional for manual management of the signature process

Easily scalable - on premise or in the r>it Cloud

e-Sign 4 is based on a micro-service architecture and can be scaled as required. 

It is suitable both - processing of a few to a very large number of documents.  For more than ten years, customers with low document volumes have been using our r>it Cloud service. We rely on the existing infrastructure in the data center of the company Nessus in Vienna ( to integrate your existing IT infrastructure and SAP processes.

Some customers use e-Sign (the old generation of e-Sign 4) on premise since 2005. E-Sign 4 is also available for installation on premise.

Integration into your processes

We provide our own e-Sign 4 SAP ERP / S/4HANA add-on for a seamless integration into your SAP processes. It enables monitoring of individual processing steps in a familiar SAP environment. Appropriate interfaces (e-Sign 4 Site Tools) are available for the connection of all non-SAP systems, whether they are mail, file or other systems.

Any security level of certificates is possible

Depending on the desired or legally required security level, different signature methods or certificates can be used. The spectrum ranges from the qualified, to advanced, to simple signature. The required certificate must be obtained from an accredited certification service provider.  Advanced or simple certificates in the form of software certificates can be stored either directly in the e-Sign 4 certificate store or in the Windows Key Store. In case qualified certificates are used, that are stored on a smart card, the signature process is triggered using the e-Sign 4 client. In the mobile version of the qualified signature an app on the mobile phone will be provided for the purpose of signing.

Your added value

  • Easy, seamless integration into your ERP processes possible
  • field-tested and used by our clients for more than 15 years
  • Reliable standard scenarios or best practice cases available
  • Suitable for every company - easily scalable according to your needs
  • Available on premise or in the r>it Cloud


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