Single Sign Client

Everywhere in the enterprise documents incur to be printed, signed and to be scanned and to be put into archives afterwards again electronically. All signature processes in the enterprise can be formed with the e-Sign Single Sign Client user-friendly and economically with lasting effect .

e-Sign Single Sign Client


Neither at the field of

• store logistics to electronic signing of notes of delivery, security explanations,
CMR shipping notes and so on nor
• to the documentation of servicing processes, e. g. from airplanes, machines and so on nor

• for paperless handling of all processes in the health service like REHA applications, medical reports and so on

the e-Sign Single Sign Client is suited for the area-covering application in every enterprise.

With the help of the e-Sign Single Sign Client PDF documents are signed electronically. Using a Sign Pad a handwritten signature on paper can be substituted by an electronic biometric signature in the document.

The e-Sign Single Sign Client guarantees quick implementing and an easy handling at daily business.

Documents in PDF format can be opened out of the business application, digitally signed and filed directly. There is no need to open an extra programme.

According to necessary legal security signature maps or software certificates can be used as an alternative to the Sign Pad also for signing.

» Reference customers: Austrian Airlines, SCA Laakirchen, Knauf