All signature processes in healthcare can be made more user-friendly and economically sustainable with the e-Sign Single Sign Client.

Paperless Healthcare Processes


Dealing in narcotics is one of the most sensitive areas of a hospital pharmacy and therefore any entry and exit must be documented precisely - this is directed by the Narcotics Act. The necessary documentation is mapped via an anesthetic book by handwritten recording of which patients or which stations which agent had been removed.

The Narcotics book (BTM-book) is now performed in many clinics directly in the SAP system. In electronic narcotics book the pharmacist can view and evaluate consumption at any time .

Every month has to be printed per drug the BTM-book and checked by the responsible pharmacist.

This test is documented by signature. Subsequently, this printed and signed BTM-books are scanned and archived.

To optimize this operation to keep the BTM-book can be digitized completely. The BTM-book is issued as a PDF document on the screen and digitally signed using the e-Sign Single Sign Client an a Sign Pad. In the signed document the biometric signature is stored encrypted and legally stored in an archive.

The solution is particularly suitable for the application of biometric individual signatures in SAP processes - the application is independent of the organizational process. The electronic signature of REHAB requests, quotations, patient information, drug approval or other relevant documents can be easily and efficiently enabled!

Depending on the required legal certainty can be used as an alternative to SignPad also signature cards, software certificates or the mobile signature for signing.

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