All signature processes in warehouse logistics can be made user-friendly and economically sustainable with the e-Sign Single Sign Client.

Paperless Processes in Warehouse Logistics


Especially in warehouse logistics incure tons of documents that must be printed, signed and scanned to then be electronically archived again.

In order to optimize these operations, delivery notes, security declarations, CMR waybills (eg SAP) can be signed electronically using the e-Sign Single Sign Clients as a PDF and so on from any business application. Using a Sign Pad can replace a handwritten signature on paper by an electronic biometric signature on a document.

The e-Sign Single Sign Client ensures rapid implementation and a simple, paperless handling at the daily business.

Documents in PDF format can be opened straight from the business application, digitally signed and archived without an extra program to open.

In the SAP System the world of e-Sign Single Sign Client is seamlessly integrated via the Secure Store and Forward interface and thus enabling automatic archiving. For all other business application a web service interface is provided.

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