The prototype shows how even the most complex business applications using the Fine Apps Factory technology can be generated quickly and easily.

Fine Apps Factory Prototype


As part of a half- to one-day workshop the content and the design as well as the requirements for the prototype of the business app are discussed and defined in collaboration with the relevant department and the IT.

Already existing templates are provided a basis.

The implementation effort for the prototype is depending on the complexity within one to five days. By using the self-developed business app designer to generate different business applications instead of programming is possible in a short time.

As part of an on-site appointment the result of tailor-made prototype is presented, on request test data from customers can be imported too.

The prototype serves as a basis for decisions on the implementation of the entire project scope and is provided in a customized test domain.

Both the Department and the IT managers can see a result in a very short time, the extensive issue of a target specification can be inapplicable.

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